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lomography's Journal

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analog camera community focusing on lomo cameras. no digital

  • NO "WHAT'S THE BEST CAMERA"/"TELL ME WHAT TO BUY" POSTS. I'll delete your post and ban you because you're all at the age where you can make educated decisions on your own (based on the knowledge archived in the memories and google.com)

  • Please try to keep your posts to photos taken on Lomo cameras only. (This means cameras sold on www.lomography.com, not one you bought at a thrift store) There are many other photography communities out there for other types of cameras. I won't be banning people who post non Lomo photos but please keep your posts Lomo for the sake of continuity.

    For any non lomography photos I recommend these communities:



  • Read the memories section before you post. Some person probably had the same question you did 2 days ago! I refuse to organize the recommendation section, because it's the same 5 questions over and over again. Reading is good for you.

  • I will delete any comment-whore type posts (i.e. posts that disable comments and link directly to your journal). If you want to link to your own journal, do so but DO NOT disable comments.

  • Self promotion or promoting other RELATED communities is fine but please don't spam us with crap. Once is enough.

  • Cut tag anything over 4 pictures. People will complain.

  • Keep your images below 675 pixels. Again, people will complain.

  • I will ban anyone who asks "where can i buy a lomo". Again, you're on the damn internet and have google.

  • Any NSFW photos posted, please post behind a cut and state that they are NSFW (not suitable for work. I.E. nudity etc). Not everyone wants to see that kind of thing.

  • If you must try and sell your prints/camera, at least do it in a subtle way. No sales pitches please. This community is for sharing photos, ebay is for selling your stuff.

    there are a billion other livejournal communities where you can post your crappy overphotoshopped digital pictures. don't post them in this one.

    other than general cropping/re-sizing, please don't post anything you have photoshopped to death.

  • TAG YOUR PHOTOS! If a tag doesn't exist, contact a mod and we will add it for you.

  • Никаких постов в духе "Какой фотоаппарат лучше?" или "Подскажите, что купить". Ваш пост я удалю, а Вас забаню, потому что Вы в состоянии принять решение самостоятельно (например, посредством http://google.com)

  • Постарайтесь постить фотографии, сделанные исключительно на Ломо. Существует множество других фото-сообществ для других разновидностей фотоаппаратов. Я не буду банить тех, кто постит не Ломо-фотографии (в особенности терпимо я отношусь к кадрам, снятым на Olympus XA) , но, пожалуйста, придерживайтесь Ломо-фотографий для сохранения целостности сообщества.

  • Прочтите раздел memories (http://www.livejournal.com/tools/memories.bml?user=lomography) прежде, чем что-то запостить. Возможно, кто-то уже задал интересующий Вас вопрос 2 дня назад! Я отказываюсь организовывать рекомендательный отдел, потому что люди, как правило, каждый раз задают одни и те же вопросы. Читать очень полезно.

  • Я буду удалять посты с отключёнными комментариями (+ посты, дающие ссылку на Ваш журнал). Если Вы хотите дать ссылку на свой ЖЖ
    - пожалуйста, но НЕ ОТКЛЮЧАЙТЕ комментарии.

  • Самореклама или реклама других ДРУЖЕСТВЕННЫХ сообществ - это хорошо, но давайте не будем спамить. Одного раза вполне достаточно.

  • Если Вы постите больше 4-х фотографий (http://www.livejournal.com/support/faqbrowse.bml?faqid=75), остальные Вы должны помещать под кат. В противном случае, участники сообщества будут недовольны.

  • Размер изображения не должен превышать 675 пикселей. Опять же, это может вызвать недовольство.

  • Я забаню любого, кто спросит "Где можно купить Ломо?". Вы сидите в чёртовом интернете и юзаете Гугл.

  • Фотографии, которые "проблематично смотреть на работе" (например, фотографии с обнажёнкой) нужно заноситьпод кат. Не всем хочется наблюдать подобное.

  • Если Вы хотите продать свои фотографии или фотоаппарат, то делайте это незаметно. Не устраивайте из сообщества рынок, оно преднозначено для выкладывания фотографий, для продажи существует ebay.

  • Никаких цифровых фотографий. Вы можете постить свои перефотошопленные фотки в куче других сообществ. Здесь их постить нельзя.

thank you to elina_k for the translation

What is lomography?
http://www.lomography.com - The internet. I couldn't believe it either!

Another awesome faq lies here
http://lomo.kataan.org/lomofaq (maintained by poindexter)

What is this place?
A place to post photos we've taken with our lomo cameras.

So I can post anything?
No. Look back at some of the entries and follow suit. There's a ton of snapshot communities where you can post your crappy, poorly composed shots.

I'm a total idiot and completely unable think for myself. Please think for me and tell me what type of camera I should buy?
We can't help you with the first part but camera recommendations? It depends on what you need in a camera. Read back a few entries. Reply to them and ask the poster if they're happy with their camera! Or do the obvious thing and use google or lomography.com to read up on each camera and make the decision yourself! Hope the idiot thing works out for you.

Where do I buy a (fill in camera name)
Well, you're on the internet. That's a start. Try ebay, lomography.com, adorama, or TYPE IN LOMO in the google search engine. Look at the right side! See! So many places to buy a lomo!

But I don't "trust" ebay?
How are you living in 2006? People buy things on the internet and on ebay all the time. Trust the seller's feedback. If they stiff you and you pay with paypal, you can file a claim and get 100% of your money back.

But the Lomo Society is too expensive. I'm a cheap bastard and don't want to fill some Austrian rich kid's pocket with my hard earned cash. Where can I get (fill in camera name) cheap?
EBAY. You're not going to get it any cheaper than that unless you fly to Russia and/or China and buy a garbage bag of these for a dollar. Or if you want a cheap alternative to the lomo lca, get an olympus xa or xa2 (go here for a lj community. Read a few pages. You might learn something. Go for technical specs and go here for more photos)

The almighty lomo faq. maintained by poindexter

A holga faq (thank you gangsines)

Awesome lomo messageboard

Awesome experiemental photography messageboard

Great blog with some helpful shooting tips!

Lomo critique community

Does this really need a caption?

Shift did some work for you. Jump on that

For other non-lomo weird toy cameras

A link on how to cross process film! Complete with photo examples

Great lomos from malisia

It's like candy to your friend's page!


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